Sean Dack (NY)


Sean Dack’s unique photographic prints and inkjet canvases are created by manipulating the shortcomings of modern digital technology. His images incorporate the random glitches and flaws that arise through downloading, printing, or scanning, or by deliberately manipulating the code within the digital file. In one sense Dack is attempting to recover digitally the kind of spontaneity of the dark room, where arbitrary influences could create unplanned effects. In another sense his striated images, often drenched in the vivid colors of printer ink – cyan, magenta – question the authenticity of the world we encounter increasingly via digital interfaces.

Dack aims to distance the artist’s hand from the process – much as his source images, drawn from surveillance cameras, satellites, or plucked randomly from the internet, and often depicting images of power such as CIA planes and police helicopters, are symbols of a remote political authority. The end result is work that is cool, elegant and seductive.

Sean Dack’s work has been reviewed favorably in many prestigious publications including The New York Times, LA Times and ArtForum. His work featured on the cover of ArtNews and in the group show ‘Paper’ at London’s Saatchi Gallery.

Images courtesy of the artist and Fitzroy Gallery.


2013: Sephora window display

2005 Dior Homme, Shanghai, fitting room installation, collaboration with Liam Gillick


The Saatchi Collection
Zabludowicz Collection
De La Cruz Collection|
University of Washington, Henry Art Gallery