Roxy Walsh


Two experiences play significant roles in Roxy Walsh’s development as an artist: A spell at the British School at Rome and an artist’s residency in New York. In Rome Walsh was drawn to the many artistic renderings of myths and legends. In New York she became aware of her own potential for change.

These two experiences combine in the story of Daphne, the beautiful nymph of Ovid’s Metamorphosis, who changes herself into a tree to escape the lustful attentions of Apollo and who resurfaces in many incarnations in Walsh’s work.

‘I was interested in how different iterations of the same story tell such different tales,’ Walsh explains, ‘from the fluid, playful delight of Bernini’s Daphne in Rome, to the rather comically frigid Polliaolo version in The National in London. The story of Daphne can be a story of rape, or a story of fluid change – not just different points on a spectrum, but entirely different events.’

For ArtKapsule, Roxy has revived an image of Daphne she first created for an installation in New York. The drawing, Daphne-Narcissus, presents a ‘mirrored’ version of the Daphne image. ‘Daphne is a theme I am drawn back to again and again,’ says Roxy.

RSVP12 is an image taken from drawings made on deckle-edged dance tickets that eventually became Roxy’s first series of wall drawings, precipitating a long-term period of experimentation with images that can be transferred directly onto walls or windows.


Lecturer in Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London
2000 Abbey Award in Painting, British School at Rome


Dependent Rational Animals, Fishmarket, Northampton (2012)
Second Sex, Galerie Peter Zimmerman, Mannheim (2011)
London Calling, Galerie Peter Zimmerman, Mannheim (2011)
Small Moments of Fantastic Things, Antje Wachs, Berlin (2009)
Felix Culpa, University of Cincinnati; Bast’Art, Bratislava; Globe Gallery, Newcastle; Domo Baal, London (2006 – 7)