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Michael Stubbs, EDITION 16, Box set of 8 different prints, Unframed, 69 x 46 cm (each print), Silkscreen print 300gsm, Somerset satin paper


Layers of household paint, translucent varnish, ready-made stencils, pop imagery and bold abstraction wrestle in Michael Stubbs’ paintings. He uses a technique of pouring the paints and allowing a certain loss of control to direct his work. Large stencils interrupt these random flows with fragments of words, images, or hand-me-down decorative motifs. The Virus series he has contributed to ArtKapsule reflect Stubbs’ signature themes in a vibrant narrative captured in eight stunning prints presented in a beautiful boxed set. The prints can also be bought individually, unframed.

‘One of the things I’m trying to explore is the material relationship between the embodied physical painting and the disembodied representation of the digital computer screen. I use explicit images at the beginning of the painting which get fractured or transformed by repeated layering: for example, dice represent the gamble of making a painting or a grenade is a weapon of war. Today we see images of risk and violence on television or on the internet as a matter of course. Right now it seems to be a very fragmented and confused world that we live in.

‘I also want to mimic a sense of violent explosion in the painting because I want to explode painting. Painting’s identity is at an interesting crossroads and I try to reflect this through the painting’s chaotic visual spaces.’


PhD Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London
Finalist, Celeste Art Prize Selected
John Moores 24 & 25 (2006 & 2008)
Lexmark European Art Prize (2003)


Goverment Art Collection
British Council Art Collection
Gibralter Bank Art Collection
Groucho Club
BHP Oils


Print Prices; Virus Prints (x8 signed) + box and signed frontispiece - £4,500 Virus Prints (x8 signed) framed set – £6,250 Unframed artists proofs - £850 Individual Prints (framed) - £1,250