Kit Line

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80 x 100cm
Steel, aluminium and cellulose paint


Kit Line is intrigued by the transformative processes of sculpture, that metamorphosis by which one thing becomes another suggested by its material or form. In design stacks of CD cases become a cityscape; in sculpture the tension in the sprung steel of saw blades becomes a whale; a bicycle becomes a horse. Disparate elements, both figurative and material, are conjoined to create new objects: ‘Boxer and Whale’ exemplifies this approach, and well illustrates the (often subliminal) surrealist quality in much of Line’s work.

In his current work he is exploring more abstract shapes. He is concerned with the evolution of form, playing with the potential benefits of error or, to continue the metaphor, mutation, “inventing found objects”.


Kit Line trained at Wimbledon School of Art in Theatre Design, and works as a designer in theatre, film and television. He was Art Director on ‘Country House’ a promo video for Blur directed by Damien Hirst. This led on to designing Hirst’s Hanging Around, commissioned by the Hayward Gallery for its ‘Spellbound’ exhibition.

Commissions include ‘Living Sculpture’, composed of 600 naked people laid across the South Downs for the ‘Great British Body’; the six foot ‘Breaching Whale’ in stainless steel and ‘Whale in Lead’ for a private collection in London; ’Suspended b’ for the Bucks Music Group; ‘Whale in Tin’ for a private collection in Guernsey; ‘Comet’ for a private collection in Majorca; and ‘World Wide Whale Watch’ for a private collection in Hobart Tasmania.