Karen David


Karen David’s practice researches how mysticism is disseminated into current day pop-culture. As a starting point, she responds to the activities of the Cult of the Viable Essence; a fictional group based in South West America. With this proposition in mind, David borrows aesthetics from the vocabulary of New Age paraphernalia such as crystals, dreamcatchers and tie dye fabrics; she juxtaposes these aesthetics with painting styles sourced from Post Painterly Abstraction. In doing so, she is able to explore the relationship between high and low culture, questioning our belief systems in these hierarchies and highlighting the slippage that exists between them.


Karen David graduated MA Fine Art from Wimbledon College of Art during which period she received her first solo exhibition; Searching for the Viable Essence, Jacob’s Island gallery, London 2011. After graduating from Wimbledon she was shortlisted for Clifford Chance Sculpture Award and won the Purchase Award by Landmark PLC. In 2014 Karen will undertake a research field trip to Marfa, Texas and Roswell, New Mexico and she is currently working on series of artists’ interview based on the Proust Questionnaire. 


Macaroon, Karen David I Mandy Hudson, Wednesday 7 May - Sunday 29 June, Southerden Pastry Store : 49 Choumert Road SE15 4SE, www.southerden.com