Art Services


ArtKapsule helps clients get the most out of London’s contemporary art scene whether as an interested spectator, a new purchaser or a seasoned collector. ArtKapsule streamlines this world according to our individual clients’ needs and budgets.

We offer service that includes everything from a personalised portfolio of suggestions for a first-time art buyer to the appraisal and cataloguing of an existing collection. At ArtKapsule we pride ourselves on helping new art enthusiasts engage with the world of contemporary art on a level that offers long-lasting fulfilment.

ArtKapsule receives a commission on sales of artwork through galleries or artists’ studios that does not impact on the retail price to the client.


Art has been proven to improve performance in the office. Put art in a show home and it will sell. Art in a lobby signals your company’s concerns, values, imagination and status. Art gives your company personality and verve in a way that your interior design choices don’t. Original artwork makes your company distinctive and memorable, and an awareness of what is happening in the world of contemporary art signals a connection to the moment and a forward-looking outlook.


ArtKapsule can activate space that is dormant or under construction with temporary art installations or by hosting art exhibitions. These exhibitions can be used as promotional events to publicize the development of the building, or as a sales event for selling off-plan.


Art helps build connections with clients and/or the local community. Regular art exhibitions and events provide varied opportunities to raise awareness of your business and to communicate who you are and what your business stands for.


We work with architects and interior designers to create art collections, displays and installations that bring new layers of meaning to a space. We also stage exhibitions in design showrooms or other design-led spaces with the aim of exploring the intrinsic but often overlooked connection between the art and the ‘living’ spaces where it will eventually hang.


PROJECT: Vita Student, The Chapel, Liverpool 2013

Interior Design: David Batt

Rooms: 68

Artworks by: Ekkehard Altenburger, Christina Niederberger, Giulia Ricci and Christopher Mayer

Artworks, curating and installation was provided by ArtKapsule

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13-12 Vita Student_The Chapel bedroom 113-09 Vita Student_The Chapel exterior