Double Agent - Wednesday 20.5.2015



 The Future Of Drip Pop @ Koleksiyon, London, 

21st January – 9th April

Ralph Anderson

Ralph Anderson’s Drip Pop Paintings bring a low-fi 21st Century production value and DIY approach to abstract painting. Each painting starts with a careful assemblage of brush marks which Anderson then cuts out with a jigsaw, revealing the plywood base and playing with the sense of illusion.The work revisits earlier movements in abstract painting such as Lyrical Abstraction, Hard Edge Painting, Colour Field Painting, Abstract Illusionism, and Shaped Canvas Painting, referencing artists such as Frank Stella and Ellsworth Kelly whilst also stretching back to the earlier Action Paintings of Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline and Willem de Kooning. Anderson’s use of power tools to break the surface of the paintings brings the viewer firmly back to the present day. By isolating the brush marks and suspending in time the runs of paint Anderson aims to make the workshop and the act of cutting out, as well as the process of painting, part of the artwork with the finished painting acting as a residue of these earlier procedures.

AK@Koleksiyon_CDW_2014_pr 22